FAQs & PMU Pricing

What is Microblading / Permanent Makeup (PMU)?

Permanent makeup is a form of semi-permanent, cosmetic tattoo including Microblading, Microshading, Nanostrokes, Nanoshading, Powder Brows, Lash Line Enhancement, and Lip Blushing. An explanation of these techniques can be found under SERVICES. These techniques implant the pigment beneath the skin to naturally enhance your brows, eyes, and lips.

Customized permanent eyebrows can add density to existing eyebrow hair or create a new set of natural looking eyebrows on clients with partial or complete hair loss. Shape, texture, and color is completely customized to each client’s individual needs and brow goals.

How long does PMU last?

Permanent makeup will fade naturally over time. Machine work will last longer than microblading. While every client’s skin will fade differently depending on skin type, lifestyle, and other factors, the average client will fade slowly over 18-24 months for microblading, and 2-4 years for machine work. We recommend regular touch-ups at around 18 months for many clients to keep your permanent makeup looking it’s best.

How does PMU/cosmetic tattoo work?

Permanent makeup/cosmetic tattoo is a soft, subtle form of tattooing using pigments in place of tattoo ink to enhance natural features. Permanent makeup/cosmetic tattoo is designed to gently fade over time. This allows changes to occur as the client’s natural color and facial changes occur.

PMU Pricing

Permanent Brows - $600 includes:

  • $50 *optional* Consultation rolls over into the balance of your appointment if booked within one year of your consultation
  • $350 Initial Session
  • $250 6-Week Perfecting Session - important for pigment reinforcement and longevity
  • 18-24 Mo. Refresher - $350
  • 2 years and beyond - must book a complimentary Touch-Up Assessment to determine cost

Saline Brow Lightening/Removal - $225 per session

Lash Enhancement Liner - $450:

  • $200 Initial Session
  • $250 6-Week Perfecting Session - important for pigment reinforcement and longevity
  • $200+ Refresher 18 months and beyond

Lip Blush - $500:

  • $300 Initial Session
  • $200 6-Week Perfecting Session - important for pigment reinforcement and longevity
  • $250+ Refresher 18 months and beyond

Finishing Session - $200

  • Optional third session within 3 months for additional enhancements

Does PMU Hurt?

You are numbed throughout the procedure. A topical numbing is used to start, and a gel lidocaine continues to keep you comfortable once the skin has been broken. Everyone is different as to how well they take to numbing, however the average client feels very minimal discomfort throughout the appointment.

What is the difference between a Bikini, French Bikini, and Brazilian Wax?

  • A Bikini wax removes the hair outside of your traditional bikini/panty line, including your inner thigh.
  • A French Bikini removes the hair outside of a high-cut, slimmer bikini line, for those wanting more hair removal than a Bikini, yet not a full Brazilian.
  • A Brazilian wax removes all hair from the front, upper and inner bikini area through the backside. A Virgin Brazilian must be booked if you are a new client to BrowDown, or you have not been in to see us in over 6 weeks.
  • Brazilians are currently performed on female genitalia only.