Infrared Sauna Blanket Therapy

Experience a relaxing and rejuvenating 30-45 minute infrared sweat session! Benefit from an improved sleep cycle, healthier and glowing skin, and reduced inflammation. Our blanket envelopes you like a cozy sleeping bag with far infrared rays providing various therapeutic benefits including improved circulation, relief from chronic pain, and an overall enhanced wellness routine.

With comfort levels between 1 and 8, (we recommend starting low), the blanket is complemented by a meditative and calming atmosphere with soft lighting and soothing music. After your session, freshen up with provided toiletries and light refreshments. We recommend having nowhere to go but home as you'll want a shower, giving you ample time to bask in the afterglow of a blissful session.

Long-term benefits are best seen with 2-4 sessions per week, with even one session helping you relieve a stressful day, and sleep like a baby.

Socks are required. Bring your own, or available to purchase for $6

*See below for Pricing and more information on our LED Light Mask

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An effortless addition to your Infrared Sauna session, or as a skin-rejuvenating individual session, your skin will thank you! Customize your therapeutic benefits with 7 different light variations to your skin's specific needs. 

LED light therapy, including red light therapy, has been proven to help reduce fine lines, redness, and inflammation, help heal breakouts, boost collagen, and, as a bonus, your mood!

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LED Light Mask  $40

Infrared Blanket  $55

Infrared & LED Bundle  $70

Packages of Four


SkinWell4  $75

LED Mask

GlowWell4  $90

Infrared Blanket

GlowWell+4 $105

Infrared & LED Bundle


   Monthly Unlimited

SkinWell $135

LED Mask

GlowWell $165

Infrared Blanket

GlowWell+ $190

Infrared & LED Bundle